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"Bob has been our accountant for over ten years. We have numerous companies that Bob oversees. Due to his knowledge of accounting, bookkeeping and the fact that he is on top of every tax law change, we have continued to grow as a company. Bob has been instrumental in keeping the cost of our professional accounting fees down to a minimum due to the fact that he is adept in teaching and passing on his knowledge and skills to us. His strategic planning and knowledge of tax laws has been a valuable asset for year end. Bob has been a positive force in helping us achieve our goals and success. I can honestly say that there is no other accountant or accounting firm that I would prefer to work with. Bob and his staff are always ready, willing and able to accommodate us whatever the situation may be."

-Carole M. Godin, Controller and Carmine R. Sarno, President, M&S Logistics, Inc., Page Street Leasing, LLC

"Bob is very diligent with the work he does for us, and we count on him to take care of all aspects of our accounting and bookkeeping. Specifically, we needed Bob’s assistance with an analysis of our books that went back several years. We understood that Bob’s time and that of his staff was necessary to resolve a situation that was critical. The job was tedious and technical. When it was completed, we were pleased with the results. Bob was fair in billing us for a job that was complicated and time-consuming, that yielded a positive outcome for us all. To us, Bob is part of the Accurate Air family and a member of our team."

-John Salizonni, President, Accurate Air, Inc.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bob and his competent staff over the past eleven years. He is by far the best accountant I have worked with in the last thirty years. Not only is he knowledgeable, but his attention to detail is of the highest degree. I have thrown many accounting issues at him over the years and I have never been disappointed in the results or the timeliness of his response. Bob has always gone that extra mile for us. Our company sits down with Bob to do an analysis each quarter of our P&L and Balance sheet. These meetings are crucial to the success of our company. Bob is able to summarize the information in a format that helps us to prepare and make adjustments for the upcoming quarter and year end. Last, but not least, Bob’s knowledge of Quickbooks has been a big plus for us. He is a consultant for Quickbooks so he has a great working knowledge of the system. Bob is able to answer not only accounting questions, but software issue questions as well. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone thinking of hiring an accountant. Not only will you get the knowledge and expertise he has, but you will also be charged a fair price for this."

-Lesley A. Danis, Controller, Lang Door and Hardware, Inc.

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